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proposal #1 again

    From: Fahlman@C.CS.CMU.EDU (Scott E. Fahlman)
    Date: 14 Jul 86 15:43:00 GMT

    Similarly, implementations will still be free to ignore any declarations
    they want to.  If they ignore the OPTIMIZE declaration, they will be
    required to signal all the class 2 errors.  If they want to cut corners
    on this signalling requirement for speed or code compactness, then they
    will have to consult the OPTIMIZE declarations to see if this is OK.

Wouldn't it be more consistent to make the default behavior in the absence
of optimize declarations *not* to require that the errors be signalled?
The proposal is that the errors don't need to be signalled if the optimize
safety setting is 0 or 1, and according to CLtL, the "usual" value of this
parameter is 1.