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Proposal #9: Variable Name Conflicts

    Although I favor 9A, I have to point out that Fahlman has used his power
    as moderator to make proposal 9B look bad.  Surely the real 9B would
    treat all of the sequential binding forms in a consistent way.

If I were to propose something along these lines, it would be to treat
all of the sequential binding forms (including LAMBDA/DEFUN) in a
consistent way.  I believe that Andy Freeman was the one who first
argued for what became 9B, and he specifically said that LAMBDA/DEFUN
should not allow multiple args of the same name.  He couldn't decide
about DO*.

If, in summarizing, I replace the opposition's proposals with something
I think is better, that's an abuse of power.  If I faithfully report
what was proposed when I know better, I'm making them look bad,
and that's also an abuse of power.  Oh, well.

-- Scott