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Array proposal

	Making all vectors (1-D arrays) default to printing is wrong.  What's
	so special about 1-dimensionality.  Arrays created by typing in the #(...)
	syntax would have their printing-bit set, of course....

    I thought the idea was that vectors should be simple and effectively 
No, that was last week's jargon.  In the new jargon, "vector" means
a 1-D array, whereas the simple thing you are talking about is
now called a SIMPLE array.  So, what you are really saying is that
the print-bit should be another one of those things that SIMPLE arrays
cannot hack.  SEF's proposal, on the other hand, pretty clearly
states that :PRINT is orthogonal to "all of the above" attributes,
but I don't know whether he really intended to say that or not.

Being of the Lisp Machine persuasion, I don't care a lot about
exactly which restrictions should be imposed on SIMPLE arrays
and which should not; I'm not qualified to have an opinion.
People who care about this should discuss it.