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Vote on Cases

I don't know whether I rate voting status or not, but in case I do:

Speaking for the Yale's T implementation project (T is a portable
Scheme-like Lisp dialect) and for Yale's Lisp users (which includes
Maclisp, UCI Lisp, Franz Lisp, and T users), I strongly urge Common Lisp
to retain its current case-insensitive status quo, that is, option 1. of
Fahlman's recent message.  Since the reasons for this position have been
discussed at length I will make no mention of them even though I (we)
feel strongly.

T might become the base for yet another Common Lisp implementation
sometime next year (we're still mulling this one over), but if it does,
Common Lisp's decision on case won't matter much, since Common Lisp will
be implemented as an incompatible "compatibility mode" in any case
[sic].  However, compatibility with T on this issue will make life a
whole lot easier for us should we decide to go ahead with the project.