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An example of where setf does not do what I want.

    Date: 12 Sep 86 06:11:02 EDT (Fri)
    From: Bradley C. Kuszmaul <bradley@Think.COM>

    I want to do

      (setf (apply #'aref (cons my-array dims)) value)

    where MY-ARRAY, DIMS, and VALUE are bound to meaningful values

    Unfortunately, my reading of SETF says that the above won't work.
    If I had (ASET value array &rest dims) then I could to
      (apply #'aset (list* value my-array dims))
    to do what I want.

Recall that APPLY in Common Lisp allows more than two arguments,
unlike APPLY in traditional languages such as Maclisp, Zetalisp,
and Lisp 1.5.  Hence the expansion is


where aset is not a standard Common Lisp function, but we all know
what it does.