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What's going on?

Several people have asked what became of the summaries I promised for
issue #14 and for the declaration scope stuff.

I have not sent these out yet.  It has become clear to me that the
discussion/decision process is not working at all well: the mail volume
is too high, the load on the moderator is MUCH too high, the rate of
progress is negligible, a lot of time is being wasted discussing issues
that don't really matter, and my efforts to improve all this have
antagonized a lot of people without solving any of the problems.

My top-level task right now is to discuss these problems with the
technical committee members and others to see if we can figure out some
procedural changes that will get things moving in useful directions with
less wear and tear on everyone.  Until we've decided how to proceed,
I won't be pushing too hard to make progress on specific technical

-- Scott