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ANSI doings

The next X3J13 meeting will be in Dallas, TX, Dec 10-12, 1986.
Topics on the agenda include the function cell value cell issue
and a discussion of error systems.  The first meeting included a
discussion of object system proposals and "minor" corrections to
the Steele book.

There is a separate mailing list for X3J13.  If you are
interested, please reply directly to me.

We are also beginning to discuss how to take advantage of the
open technical interchange which occurs here and then work that
into X3J13 decision making about the eventual standard.  Thoughts
on this topic may be communicated directly to me or to the whole
common-lisp mailing list.  When a suggestion on how to do this is
put together, I will be sure that it is circulated to the whole
community (not just X3J13).

-- Bob Mathis, Convenor and Acting Chairman, X3J13