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printing structures

I second Ramin Zabih's suggestion that the default way to print a structure
should be to NOT show its components.  If Common Lisp has to specify a
default print convention, the #<SHIP 1234567> notation is a better choice.

The same problem shows up with closures:  some implementations build
closures that are circular or, at the very least, long and and hairy.  They
are a source of annoyance every time the user accidentally (or purposely)
tries to print one.  Since the Common Lisp standard deliberately says
nothing about the representation of closures, maybe it shouldn't specify
how they are printed.  But it should at least SUGGEST to implementors that
they should choose a printing convention doesn't screw the user by default,
i.e.  by trying to print something huge or circular.  I like the Lisp Machine
#<LEXICAL-CLOSURE 1234567> notation just fine.

-- Dave