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Pattern matching in CL

Date:     Sat, 24 Jan 87 10:32 CST
From:     <LINNDR@VUENGVAX.BITNET> (David Linn)
Subject:  Pattern matching in CL
To:       common-lisp@sail.stanford.edu
X-Original-To:  common-lisp@sail.stanford.edu, LINNDR

        For the last couple of years, we have been using PEARL in
our (Franz)LISP applications. Now that we have CL, we are looking for
a PEARL port or a comparable pattern-matching/database-handling package
in CL. Can you help? Please reply by mail and I'll summarize to the list
if there is sufficient interest.

David Linn (The Shell Answer Man)
...!psuvax1!vuengvax.bitnet!linndr              | UUCP