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  From: "David A. Moon" <Moon@SCRC-STONY-BROOK.ARPA>
    From: sandra%utah-orion@utah-cs.arpa (Sandra J Loosemore)
      .. Is there a compelling reason why *print-circle* is not required
      to identify shared substructures, as well as circular structures? ..

  .. I could imagine a user demand for separate control
  of circularity detecting and sharing detection; ..

I agree that it should be two different switches.  *Print-circle* 
should only endeavor to find circularity, with perhaps *print-shared*
to do the full checking.  I think a lot of cases of using *print-circle*
are to make sure you don't get infinite printing, where you don't really
care about sharing.  In these cases, the #1#'s seem "spurious", and
actually make the data hard to read.

Kelly Murray