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:append keyword on compile-file

PDP10 MacLisp structured its "fasl" file format so that the loader
could simply read one "fasl group" in a file, and then read the next 
one, and so on.  That way, pre-existing fasl files could be simply 
concatenated, and one call to the LOAD function would get them all 
(in sequence).  Of course, this implies a certain independence among 
the "groups".  The compiler could also produce concatenated fasl files
from a multiple-source-file compilation request.

Version 2 of Lucid's system has such a capabililty (in the fasl loader).
We have used it internally as a means of batching together some related 
compiled files, and for "tacking on" patch files.  However, I don't know 
just how or when this will be made available for customer use.

-- JonL --