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Packages & Compiling

    Date: Tuesday, 13 January 1987  08:21-EST
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
    Re:   Packages & Compiling

    ... Dumping should be kept strictly analogous to printing,
    and loading to reading, so far as package-prefix hacking is

This is a reasonable way to dump symbols, but it isn't obvious to me
that it is the only correct way.  In fact, it would have made no
difference in my example, since I was assuming that X wasn't
accessible in the current package.  It is a question of how far we
require implementations to go in allowing changes in the package
environment.  I think an argument can be made for requiring a more strict
equivalence, which would still allow your interpretation to be legal.