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More on MAP

         4)  Perhaps I am putting my foot in my mouth (again), but I question
    > it is trivial to define a macro to do the job
    of the proposed extension.  I imagine Fahlman is thinking of something
    like '(replace ,seq (map (type-of ,seq) ,fn ,@sequences), but the
    point of the extension was to have a function which accomplishes this
    without the extra time and space of consing and the time of replacing.

No, I was imagining a macro that would expand into a do-loop that
wouldn't cons.  It could use ELT and SETF of ELT if you want it to apply
to all kinds of sequences.

Why don't you write what you think is the right thing -- NMAP or
whatever -- in portable Common Lisp, pass the code out, and see if it
becomes popular enough that we should consider adding it to the base

-- Scott