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Notice on Kyoto Common Lisp distribution

Mr. Yuasa asked me to pass the following announcement along to the
appropriate mailing lists in the U.S.:


We, the Kyoto Common Lisp people have decided to distribute KCL
through channels other than a commercial company,
free of charge out of Japan.
We are looking for a best possible channel but it may take some time.
Please note the following:

1. We always claimed that no fee is charged for the source of KCL, and
if any fee is charged, it is exclusively for the service of distribution,
maintenance, etc. of the software.

2. We never received any kind of royality out of the software or service for
it up to present.

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Kyoto University
	Reiji Nakajima
	Taiichi Yuasa
	Masami Hagiya