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CLtL typos list

    Date: 24 April 1987, 11:26:11 EDT
    From: Timothy Daly <DALY@ibm.com>

    To those who have asked, yes there is a CLtL typos list.
    The header on the file says the directory is:

    /u/gis/tl/sla/corr.txt dated 12/6/85

    My copy has been IBMeroxed through so many generations that it is
    almost unreadable. From the GIS in the pathname I assume the
    source is Guy Steele and I believe his tent is still pitched at CMU.

    Guy, if you receive this, is there a later version?

    Tim Daly

Yes, there is a typos list, but the version of 12/6/85 is the latest one.

For everyone's information, I have not been at CMU for over four years,
and have not been in Pittsburgh for over two years (though I do love to
visit as often as I can).  For those who care:

August 1980-December 1982	Assistant Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University

January 1983-January 1985	Senior Scientist, Tartan Laboratories
				Assistant professor on leave, CMU

January 1985-present		Thinking Machines Corporation, Cambridge, MA