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(reduce #'or ...)

I use REDUCE quite frequently and recently ran across a strange
interaction between it and another CL feature.  I was trying to

	(reduce #'or (mapcar ...))

The problem is that OR is a macro, not a function, so that the idiom
#'OR is disallowed by some (all?) Lisps.  Even if the idiom was legal,
REDUCE could not funcall OR.

I can always define my own OR function, which is strict in both
arguments, but that does not really fix the problem.  I doubt that I
am the first or last person to stumble across this interaction.

I'd like to suggest to the committee cleaning up CL that they try
unraveling the multiple semantics given to OR and AND.  I think that
the language would be cleaner if logical operations were seperated
from control-flow.