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OR if some argument returns no values

The manual doesn't say as far as I can tell what OR is supposed to do
if one of the arguments doesn't return any values at all. OR is defined
in terms of COND, which likewise isn't documented in the no-return-value
case. If CL doesn't support no-return-values at all within the general
framework of multiple return values, then this question is moot.
(Can an expert say whether no-return-values is as legal as one-return-value
or multiple-return-values?) If CL *does* support no-return-values, or if
that is a legitimate extension to the language, then my opinion is that
it should "be an error" to do an OR (or COND) with one of the tests
not returning any value at all, the logic being "if the function won't tell
me what its answer is, how am I supposed to use that answer to make a
decision?". AND and a few other functionoids may fall into this same
category as OR and COND.