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All arrays can be adjustable?

    Date: Thu, 21 May 87 15:20 EDT
    From: Don Morrison <dfm@jasper.palladian.com>

	Date: Wed, 20 May 87 22:45:04 PDT
	From: edsel!bhopal!jonl@navajo.stanford.edu (Jon L White)

	See CLtL page 34 where simple-array is defined as a subtype of array.
	Note also that everywhere "subtype" is used, it means "proper subtype".  

    CLtL, page 33: "If x is a supertype of y, then any object of type y is also of type x,
    and y is said to be a subtype of x."  Doesn't sound like "proper subtype" to me.
    Also, in both Symbolics and Lucid, (subtypep x x) => t for every type I tried.

CLTL page 72: "This predicate [subtypep] is true if type1 is a (not
necessarily proper) subtype of type2."