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Re: Japanese Activities toward Lisp Standardization

In the United States, the X3J13 committee of ANSI is progressing toward
establishing a standard for Lisp. As with TG/A, X3J13 has agreed that
Common Lisp is a good starting point for technical discussions.  We have
also been discussing various technical deficiencies of Common Lisp and
proposals for their correction.

The Lisp community as a whole can be best served if there are not too
many standards. We would like to invite a member TG/A to participate in
the  discussions of the "cleanup" working group of X3J13, and to bring
forward those technical deficiencies that are of most serious concern to
TG/A. Fortunately, almost all of our work goes on using electronic mail.
We would welcome active participation, argumentation, proposals and

---   The "cleanup" committee