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[KAHLE@Aquinas.Think.COM: common lisp question]

Date: Wed, 16 Sep 87 17:25 EDT
From: Brewster Kahle <KAHLE@Aquinas.Think.COM>
Subject: common lisp question
To: gls@godot.think.com, mincy@godot.think.com
Moon: 1 day, 13 hours, 32 minutes since the last quarter of the moon.

I want to make a stucture that is printed as

#S(death-row :person 2 :crime 3)

but I want it to be readable by a machine that thinks 
there is only the :person slot. ie
(defstruct (death-row :constructor 'something-special)

Basically I would like to specify the arguments to the constructor to be 

(defun make-death-row (&rest keywords &key person &allow-other-keys)

is this possible?  If it isnt then structures are limited as a
communication medium between potentially different software versions.