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Results of query regarding multiprocessor applications and simulators

More than a month ago I sent mail to the mailing list requesting
information about multiprocessor Lisp implementations, applications,
and simulators.  Since then I have received mail from a number of
sources, and I'd like to summarize the mail I received here.  I'll
briefly mention the work that's being done, mention a reference to
recent publications, and give an e-mail address for people who would
like more information.

Location: MIT
Contact: Robert Halstead, rrh@vx.lcs.mit.edu
Hardware: Concert multiprocessor (MIT research machine)
Language: Multilisp (described in TOPLAS, Oct. 1985)
Applications: a wide variety, ranging from circuit simulation to
speech recognition

Location: BBN Advanced Computers, Inc.
Contact: Seth Steinberg, sas@bfly-vax.bbn.com
Hardware: BBN Butterfly 
Language: Butterfly Lisp, which started as an adaptation of CScheme,
but is progressing toward full Common Lisp compatibility (described in
AAAI-87). Multiprocessing primitives are quite close to those of Multilisp.
Applications: language recognition, object oriented multiprocessor
simulation, multiprocessor expert systems.

Location: Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Contact: Nakul Saraiya, saraiya@sumex-aim.stanford.edu
Simulator: CARE, a parameterizable architectural simulator for
multiprocessor systems that is focussed on their communications and
scheduling behavior (several recent Stanford tech reports describe
various aspects of the system).
Language: LAMINA, a basic language interface that allows application
code to be written in functional, object-oriented, or shared-variable
Applications: two report integration systems (AIRTRAC & ELINT) and a
PDE solver.

Location: Stanford
Contact: Joe Weening, jsw@sail.stanford.edu
Hardware: Alliant FX/8 multiprocessor
Language: Qlisp, described in the 1984 Lisp Conference
Applications: still preliminary, but working on symbolic algebra, 
proof checking systems, and parallel OPS5.

Location: Nasa Ames
Contact: Bob Meier, MEIER%PLU@io.arc.nasa.gov
Language: Common Lisp with futures (description submitted to 1988
ICPP), implemented on Symbolics and VAX simulators.
Applications: multiprocessing expert system shell as part of the
Holmes project.

Location: UC Berkeley
Contact: Benjamin Zorn, zorn@ernie.berkeley.edu
Hardware: SPUR multiprocessor workstation (in preparation)
Language: SPUR Lisp (Common Lisp + Mailboxes + Processes + futures)
(description soon to be available as a UC Berkeley tech report)
Applications: limited to small programs due to the absence of actual
SPUR hardware.

I am aware of other multiprocessor Lisp implementations, most notably
ZLisp, the multiprocessor Lisp for the NYU ultracomputer; and *Lisp,
Lisp with data level parallelism for the Connection machine.  I didn't
receive any information about multiprocessor applications on these
machines, so I haven't included them in this list.

One respondent, Tanaka Tomoyuki, was particularly interested in
gathering together a bibliography on parallel lisp systems and
applications.  In particular, references to tech reports, which do not
appear in citation indexes, would be of special interest.  If you have
lists of any such references, please send them to:

     name:            TANAKA Tomoyuki
     institution:     Tokyo Research Laboratory, IBM Japan
     e-mail address:  tanakat@jpntscvm.bitnet
                      (IBM VNET:  TANAKAT at TRLVM1)
                      (Japan junet:  tanakat@trla.ibmtrl.junet)

I am still interested in hearing about multiprocessor applications,
and will post an update to this list as I hear about additional work.