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(simulated) multiprocessor extensions to Common Lisp?

I work for the SPUR project at UC Berkeley and we are in the process
of building a multiprocessor Lisp workstation.  SPUR Lisp will be
superset of Common Lisp with multiprocessor extensions including
futures.  I am gathering multiprocessor Lisp programs and would be
very interested in hearing about any applications that we could use to
test and demonstrate our system.  Furthermore, if anyone has
implemented simulated futures as an extension to any version of Common
Lisp I would be grateful to hear about it.  I have heard rumors about
versions of Multilisp implemented for Lisp machines and would be happy
to know if this code is available.  My goal is to test multiprocessor
SPUR Lisp programs before the SPUR hardware is available and if I can
take advantage of future implementations for other Common Lisp
systems, I would appreciate it.

-Ben Zorn (zorn@ernie.berkeley.edu)