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Teaching iteration

I have a generic question.  I've been teaching a group Common LISP and will
be teaching a group of engineers here at Prime.  Up to now I've kept within
CLtL for constructs.  However,  at this point,  there are two really nicely
done LOOP macros freely available.  Both the MIT supplied and the UTEXAS
supplied macros seem reliable and produce good code with lots of type
declarations for those compilers that use them.

The question is: Is it safe to teach this group LOOP rather then DO, DO*,
DOTIMES, DOLIST and minimal LOOP?  I rather like LOOP's declarative style
and find the resulting code both more flexible and more readable.  

Replies can be send directly unless the whole group really wants another
discussion topic.  

Doug (dougr@eddie.mit.edu)

P.S.  Please don't use reply,  it doesn't seem to get me my mail these days.
P.P.S. Happy New Year