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Forwarding Dr. Ito's message.

  I have used tito@aoba.aoba.tohoku.junet successfully.


Received: from  UTOKYO-RELAY.CSNET by IBM.COM on 11/28/87 at 09:32:05 PST
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Date: Thu, 26 Nov 87 19:18:16 jst
From: Takayasu ITO <ito%ito.aoba.tohoku.junet%utokyo-relay.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET>
Return-Path: <ito@ito.aoba.tohoku.junet>
Message-Id: <8711261018.AA00161@ito.aoba.tohoku.junet>
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Subject: Test
Dear Dr. Linden,
I have several mail addresses:
  ito@aoba.aoba.tohoku.junet,which is my major and original e-mail address;
  tito@aoba.aoba.tohoku.junet,which has been opened to receive the news and
                              information on Lisp Standardization;
  {chairlisp/chairlsp}@nttlab.ntt.junet,which has been opened to receive any
                              information on Lisp Standardization,addressed
                              to the Japanese chairman on the matter,but it
                              has found recently that this mail address can
                              not accessible from abroad.
                              {Sorry! I made some confusions}.
                              This address works in Japan,and all mails receivee
                              by this address will be automatically sent to the
                              above "tito@aoba.aoba.tohoku.junet"
Also I cannot send my mails through "kddlab",but I can reply for the mails from
"csnet-relay.csnet@u-tokyo.junet" in most cases,finding a route from my station.
I appreciate if you would kindly distribute this information to your people in
ANSI CommonLisp Committee and Drs. Queinnec and Chailloux (who sent several
e-mails through kddlabs to me).
Thanking in advance.
Best regards,                 Poor E-mailer
                              Takayasu Ito(ito@aoba.aoba.tohoku.junet)