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Lisp & Functional Programming 88 (LONG)

What follows is the Advance Program for L&FP 88.  There is no
electronic version of the registration form, so if you want a copy,
please send me your US Mail address, and I'll mail you a copy.  If you
are a member of SIGPLAN, SIGART, or SIGACT, then you will be receiving
a copy in about 3 weeks.


    1988  Lisp  and  Functional  Programming


             Advance  Program

   Snowbird,  Utah,  July  25-27,  1988

    A conference sponsored by the ACM Special Interest
Groups on Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence,
               and Computer Architecture.

               Chairs and Committee Members

 General Chair:       Jerome Chailloux
                          Domainede Voluceau-Rocquencourt
                          B.P. 105
                          Le Chesnay Cedex, France

 Program Chair:       Robert Cartwright, Rice University

 Committee:           Harold Abelson, MIT
                      Richard Bird, Oxford University
                      Luca Cardelli, DEC Systems Res. Ctr.
                      Robert Cartwright, Rice University
                      Richard Gabriel, Lucid Inc.
                      Christopher Haynes, Indiana University
                      Gerard Huet, INRIA Rocquencourt
                      Gilles Kahn, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
                      David Moon, Symbolics Inc.
                      Guy Steele, Thinking Machines Corp.
                      Carolyn Talcott, Stanford University

 Local                Robert Kessler
 Arrangements:            University of Utah
                          Department of Computer Science
                          Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
                          (801) 581-5017

 Treasurer:           Shane Robison, Apple Computer

Sunday,  July  24th

06:00-09:00 pm       Reception

Monday,  July  25th

08:00-08:30     Continental Breakfast

08:30-09:30     Tutorial: Abstraction in Numerical Methods 
   Gerald Jay Sussman and Matthew Halfant (MIT)

09:30-10:30     Session 1: Chaired by Harold Abelson (MIT)

   "Expressing Mathematical Subroutines Constructively"
   Gerald Roylance (MIT)

   "Exact Real Computer Arithmetic with Continued Fractions" 
   Jean Vuillemin (INRIA Rocquencourt)

10:30-11:00     Break

11:00-12:00     Session 2: Chaired by Richard Gabriel (Lucid, Inc.)

   "Parallel Execution of Sequential Scheme with ParaTran" 
   Pete Tinker, Morry Katz (Rockwell International Science Center)

   "Buckwheat:  Graph Reduction on a Shared-Memory Multiprocessor" 
   Benjamin Goldberg (New York University)

12:00-02:00     Lunch

02:00-03:30     Session 3: Chaired by Christopher Haynes (Indiana University)

   "A MathematicalSemantics for Handling Full Functional Jumps" 
   Matthias Felleisen (Rice University) 
   Mitch Wand (Northeastern University) 
   Daniel Friedman, Bruce Duba (Indiana University)

   "Continuations May Be Unreasonable"
   Albert Meyer, Jon G. Riecke (MIT)

   "Lambda-V-CS: An Extended Lambda Calculus for Scheme" 
   Matthias Felleisen (Rice University)

03:30-04:00     Break

04:30-05:30     Session 4: Chaired by Guy Steele (Thinking Machines Corp.)

   "Syntactic Closures" Alan Bawden, Jonathan Rees (MIT)

   "Concrete Syntax for Data Objects in Functional Languages" 
   Kent Peterson (Chalmers University)

   "A Variable-Arity Procedural Interface" 
   R. Kent Dybvig, Robert Hieb (Indiana University)

08:00-09:45 pm       Session 5: Chaired by David Moon (Symbolics Inc.)

   "The Scheme86 Pro ject:  A System for Interpreting Scheme"
   Andrew Berlin, Henry Wu (MIT)

   "Strategies forImplementing Continuations"
   Will Clinger, Anne Hartheimer (Semantic Microsystems) 
   Eric Ost (Metaphor Corp.)

   "An Implementation of Portable Standard LISP on the BBN Butterfly"
   Mark Swanson, Robert Kessler, Gary Lindstrom (University of Utah)

   "Preliminary Results with the Initial Implementation of Qlisp" 
   Ron Goldman, Richard Gabriel (Lucid, Inc.)

Tuesday,  July  26th

08:00-08:30     Continental Breakfast

08:30-10:00     Session 6: Chaired by Robert Cartwright (Rice University)

   "PartialPolymorphic Type Inference and Higher-Order
   Unification" Frank Pfenning (Carnegie-Mellon University)

   "Bounded Quantifiers Have Interval Models" 
   Simone Martini (Universitadi Pisa)

   "Type Inferencein a Database Programming Language"
   Atsushi Ohori, Peter Buneman (University of Pennsylvania)

10:30-11:00     Break

10:30-12:00     Session 7: Chaired by Luca Cardelli (DEC Systems Res. Ctr.)

   "The Milner-Mycroft Calculus is Tractable"
   Fritz Henglein (New York University)

   "ML With Extended Pattern Matching and Subtypes"
   Lalita Jategaonkar, John Mitchell (Stanford University)

   "An Implementation of Standard ML Modules"
   David MacQueen (AT&T Bell Laboratories)

12:00-02:00     Lunch

02:00-03:30     Session 8: Chaired by Jerome Chailloux (INRIA Rocquencort)

   "Graphinators and the Duality of SIMD and MIMD"
   Paul Hudak, Eric Mohr (Yale University)

   "Faster Combinator Reduction Using Stock Hardware"
   A.C. Norman (Cambridge University)

   "The SpinelessG-Machine" 
   G. L. Burn (GEC Research Limited) 
   S. L. Peyton Jones (University College London)
   J. D. Robson (GEC Research Limited)

03:30-04:00     Break

04:00-05:30     Session 9: Chaired by Richard Gabriel (Lucid, Inc.)

   "A Simple and Efficient Implementation Approach for
   Single Assignment Languages" 
   Kourosh Gharachorloo, Vivek Sarkar, John L. Hennessy (Stanford University)

   "An Improved Replacement Strategy for Function Caching"
   William Pugh (Cornell University)

   "Object-oriented Programming in Scheme"
   Norman Adams (Tektronix) Jonathan Rees (MIT)

06:30-   Banquet

Wednesday,  July  27th

08:00-08:30     Continental Breakfast

08:00-10:00     Session 10: Chaired by Gilles Kahn (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

   "Objects as Closures: Abstract Semantics of Object-oriented Languages" 
   Uday Reddy (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

   "Types, Classes, Metatypes, Metatypes Classes: An
   Open-ended Data Representation Model for EU_LISP"
   Christian Queinnec (LITP, Universite Paris) 
   Pierre Cointe(Rank Xerox)

   "The Common Lisp Ob ject System Metaobject Kernel: A Status Report" 
   Daniel G. Bobrow, Gregor Kiczales (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center)

10:00-10:30     Break

10:30-12:00     Session 11: Chaired by Carolyn Talcott (Stanford University)

   "A Unified System of Parameterization for Programming Languages" 
   John Lamping (Stanford University)

   "Intensions and Extensions in a Reflective Tower" 
   Olivier Danvy, Karoline Malmkjaer (University of Copenhagen)

   "Reification without Evaluation" 
   Alan Bawden (MIT)

Conference  Information

   The 1988 ACM LISP and Functional Programming Conference will be held at the
Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort at Snowbird, Utah.  Snowbird is a world
renowned resort in the mountains near Salt Lake City that offers outstanding
skiing in the winter and a variety of recreational activities including 
hiking, climbing, swimming, and tennis in the summer.  Summer temperatures 
typically range between 60 F and 80 F in the day and 30 F to 50 F at night. 
Sweaters are advisable for evening wear.
   The meeting rooms, book exhibits, and guest rooms for the Conference will 
all be housed in the Cliff Lodge, which features an eleven story glass atrium 
with a cocktail lounge and restaurant overlooking the rugged Peruvian Gulch.
The Lodge includes four restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines.   
The entire Snowbird complex includes seventeen full-service restaurants,
lounges, and fast-food  operations.  You will also have access to the Cliff
Lodge Health and Beauty Spa, which offers an array of services ranging
from the unique (herbal wraps, parafango treatments) to the stimulating 
(whirlpool, steamroom, saunas, roof-top heated swimming pool, aerobics 
and weight training).
   You can make room reservations with Snowbird's Central Reservations Office
by calling (800)453-3000 or (801)532-1700.   Snowbird requires a deposit for
one night's lodging within ten days of booking.  The deposit will be refunded
if the room is cancelled within 48 hours of arrival.  If you book reservations
by June 24, 1988, you are entitled to the following special rates:  $64 for a 
single occupancy; $70 for a double occupancy;  $104 for a deluxe bedroom, 
single occupancy; and $110 for a deluxe bedroom, double occupancy.  To receive 
these special rates you must mention the ACM L&FP Conference when you place 
your reservations.  Each additional person will be charged $6 per day;
children under the age of 16 may stay for free in a room with a parent. These
rates are available from Saturday, July 23, 1988 through Friday, July 29, 
1988, permitting conference attendees to extend their conference stay into 
a short vacation. Some possible activities include rock climbing lessons, 
backpacking trips, and helicopter tours.
   Delta Airlines, which has a major hub in Salt Lake City, is offering 
special round-trip fares to North American conferees of the 1988 ACM 
Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming.  First, Delta will allow an 
additional 5% savings off published round-trip fares within the United States
and San Juan; and for passengers not qualifying for any published discounts, 
Delta will allow the following two (seven-day advance purchase) discounts off
unrestricted round-trip coach fares:  40% from domestic cities and 35% from 
Canadian cities.  Delta also serves Europe and Japan.
   To take advantage of these discounts, call (800) 345-1647 (within 
Indiana (800) 822-4730; from Canada (812) 333-3360 collect) and ask 
for Lana. The  Internet address may be used for initial contact, as well 
(acmtravel@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu); include daytime phone number and hours.  
These fares are valid from July 23 to July 30, 1988.
   Snowbird is located 31 miles or 40 minutes from the Salt Lake City 
International Airport, and is easily accessible by taxi, car, bus (or 
helicopter). Various transportation companies provide van and motorcoach 
service to Snowbird. For four or more people, the current van cost is $10 
per person.  Limousine and car rental service is also available as well as
City Cab, Ute Cab and Yellow Cab (Cab fares should be about $42).
   Conference activities will include a reception Sunday night and a 
chairlift ride to an open meadow for a BBQ lunch on Monday. Tuesday's lunch 
will includea tram ticket and a box lunch.  You can ride Snowbird's 125 
passenger aerial tram to the top of the 11,000 foot Hidden Peak, with its 
spectacular view of the Wasatch Mountain Range and Salt Lake Valley.
You may either hike back down where you will have the opportunity of seeing 
historic silver mine shafts from the 1800's, or you can make the return trip 
by tram. That night will include the banquet dinner on the Pavilion.
   Advance registration for the Conference is $225 for ACM and SIG members 
(SIGPLAN, SIGART, or SIGACT), $250 for ACM or SIG members, or $290 for 
non-members.  Advance registration cutoff is June 24, 1988.  After June 24,
fees are $275 for ACM and SIG, $300 for ACM or SIG, and $350 for non-members. 
The registration fee includes a copy of the proceedings, the reception Sunday 
evening, luncheons on Monday and Tuesday, refreshments during the breaks, 
continental breakfast Monday through Wednesday, and the Tuesday night banquet.
Speakers and program/conference committee members should use the $225 rate.  
Extra banquet tickets can be purchased for $40.
   Student  advance  registration  is  $75  for  the  Conference (June 24 
cutoff date), and $100 for late registration. The student registration fee 
does not include the lunches or the banquet.  On-site registration will be 
accepted Sunday evening, and during the conference.  We hope you will enjoy 
your stay at Snowbird and we are looking forward to seeing you at the