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Arrays and Vectors

Guy will be preparing a ballot on the recent flurry of issues pretty
soon, but I would like to jump the gun on one of them.  I would really
like us to come to some sort of conclusion on the array/vector business.
Because this is a large issue and is pervasive, a lot of coding is being
delayed until this gets settled.  It would be very useful to see if
there is anything like a consensus out there.  If so, we can wrap this
up; if not, we may need another face-to-face meeting to bash out the
details in finite time -- I really don't want this to hang for another
month or two.

It seems to me that the live options are

1. Simple-switch.
2. RPG memorial.
3. Neither of the above.

Please let me know which of these options you prefer and which of the
others you would be willing to live with.  If you vote for 3, please
include a coherent counter-proposal, or at least a clear indication of
what you are unhappy about.

As for my vote, I could live with either 1 or 2.  I have a slight
preference for 1 (surprise!) because the nomenclature seems much less
confusing -- I think the added clarity outweighs the disadvantage of
having to write "simple" in some declarations.

-- Scott