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Re: Readable Hash-Tables

    Date: Wed, 18 May 88 12:35 EDT
    From: ELIOT@cs.umass.edu

    I was aware of this, and it is the principal reason why DESCRIBE *should*
    be defined in terms of a portable standard.  I think Common Lisp
    should be commited to providing user-level support for its concepts.
    I consider this as part of the criteria for being complete.  By
    stipulating that DESCRIBE can be written in portable CL and then
    extending the language to make this true we will have satisfied one
    of the requirements for making CL complete.  More generally I believe
    that Common Lisp should be powerful enough to implement a portable
    programming environment.  

    Chris Eliot

I certainly concur with this. Perhaps the mythical portable code walker can
be justified as part of the standard this way too...

BTW: is it still mythical, or has anyone actually *got* one? I'd use it...

Brad Miller		U. Rochester Comp Sci Dept.
miller@cs.rochester.edu {...allegra!rochester!miller}