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proposals regarding :COUNT keyword

I approve of KMP's revision of my original proposal, and appreciate the
time he took to extend it and rewrite it in proper format.

In answer to Moon's question: no, KCL isn't dead-reckoning the length of
the list for positive values of :COUNT.  It only messes up for negative
values.  Using the June 3, 1987 release of KCL I got the following

  (remove #\a "Banana" :count 3)  ==>  "Bnn"		;Correct.
  (remove #\a "Banana" :count 4)  ==>  "Bnn"		;Correct.
  (remove #\a "Banana" :count -3)  ==>  "Banana   "     ;It's padding!
  (remove #\a "Banana" :count -4)  ==>  "Bannana    "   ;More padding.

-- Dave