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L&FP Registration -- FINAL CALL

This is the final call for registration for the conference.  ACM is
accepting registration by EMAIL, so please send your information to
them (meetings@acmvm.bitnet).  Note, if you plan on using a credit
card, please include the name on the card, the type of card, the
number, and the expiration date.  Also, please include the following
information.  NOTE -- the final deadline for advance registration is
this FRIDAY, JULY 15.  Also, you will have to make your own
reservations at Snowbird by calling Snowbird Central Reservations at 
(800)453-3000 or (801)532-1700.

It looks like it will be a great conference.  We are looking forward to
seeing you there.


====================== L&FP 88 Registration Form ====================

The registration fees for applications prior to June 24 are:

Student	$75
ACM or SIG (PLAN, ART, or ACT) Member Only	$250
ACM and SIG Member	$225
Non-Member	$290

The registration fees for applications after that date are:

Student	$100
ACM or SIG (PLAN, ART, or ACT) Member Only	$300
ACM and SIG Member	$275
Non-Member	$350

Additional banquet tickets (for students or guests) are $40
Additional luncheon tickets are $12.50

Make your own application form including

	Your Name
	E-mail Address
	Membership status in ACM and SIGPLAN/SIGART/SIGACT including
		membership number

	Your fee category (as described above)
	Your order for any extra banquet or luncheon tickets
	Total fees enclosed
	Form of payment (check/credit card)
	Credit card type (Mastercard, Visa, or Amer Express), number,
		expiration date, and signature if paying by credit card
	Mailing List Restriction: (one of No Restictions, ACM and Other
		Society Announcements, ACM Announcements)

If paying by check, make check payable (in US funds only!) to:

	ACM LFP '88

Mail your form and payment to:

	ACM LFP '88
	P.O. Box 12105
	Church Street Station
	New York, NY  10249