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Experiences porting applications from Symbolics

I'm trying to make a quick and dirty estimate of the level of effort
required to port a local application from the Symbolics to other hosts
(probably a microvax II or an HP 9000).  Any experiences with such a port
(to any other hosts, not just the HP or microVax) would be very helpful.
For example, did you encounter problems with variant semantics in different
Common Lisp compilers?  What kind of support did the new host provide for
mouse-sensitive bit-mapped graphics, and for access to them?  Did you find
that your application depended on Symbolics-provided function libraries or
"OS services", or was your application relatively host-independent?
Any big "gotchas" that you didn't expect?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Chuck Howell, MITRE
(703) 883-6080