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Common Lisp for SUNS

    Date: Tue, 29 Nov 88 11:14:29 EST
    From: bill@red.ipsa.dnd.ca (Bill Pase)

    Can anyone tell me about their experiences with Common Lisp systems
    for Sun Computers.  I know of four implementations, Kyoto Common Lisp,
    Lucid Common Lisp, Sun Common Lisp, and Allegro Common Lisp.

Sun Common Lisp currently is Lucid Common Lisp.  There were rumors last
year that they would be switching to Franz (who makes Allegro CL), but
this doesn't appear to have happened.

Kyoto CL is not generally considered a high-performance Lisp.  Its major
feature is its portability, since it is written mostly in C and its
compiler uses C as the intermediate language.  It is also well-known for
being very faithful to CLtL, implementing all and only what the book