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Re: Named lambdas

    Date: 13 NOV 1982 1040-PST
    From: JONL at PARC-MAXC

    Why not eliminate another proliferation of mindless
    primitives, NAMED-LAMBDA, and just have DEFUN etc insert
    a "commentary" in a local declaration.

This is a good idea, provided that there is a primitive defined to
extract the name buried in the declaration buried in the lambda.  It's
called SYS:FUNCTION-NAME in the Lisp machine; no really strong reason
why it isn't global.

If the Lisp machine LOCAL-DECLARATIONS mechanism were adopted, this would
also answer the other request for a way for macros to find out what function
they were inside, since they would do (CADR (ASSQ 'NAME LOCAL-DECLARATIONS)),
mutatis mutandis.