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    Date: Wednesday, 22 December 1982, 22:42-EST
    From: David A. Moon <Moon at SCRC-TENEX>
	Date: Tuesday, 21 December 1982, 14:57-EST
	From: Bernard S. Greenberg <BSG at SCRC-TENEX>
	I was willing to believe that zwei appreciates the fact that
	zwei:parse-number by default did not complain about non-numeric digits.
	However, I refuse to believe that this is the correct default for the
	now globalized parse-number, documented in the 4.0 Release Notes.
	I cannot believe that the world will believe a number parsing routine
	that by default does not complain about invalid numbers:  the time to
	fix it is now.

    The Common Lisp copy of this function is compatible with this except
    for the names of the arguments.  But perhaps it is wrong, too?  Note,
    however, that READ-FROM-STRING does exactly the same thing.
Yes, it is wrong.  I would like to hear any arguments for why it is thought
to be right.