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    Date:  2 December 1982 0154-EST (Thursday)
    From: Guy.Steele at CMU-CS-A
    Kahan further assumes that, in languages that distinguish between 0 and 0.0
    (which APL does not), the value 0 is likely to be exact, whereas the 0.0
    might be exact or might be ther result of underflow.
Yes, this is exactly what Alan said.

    On the other hand, I observe that there is an essential problem here: you
    just can't tell whether a 0.0 is an exact value or not.  I am inclined
    to let any zero raised to any zero be 1 or 1.0, as appropriate, in Common LISP.
It seems you are erring more on the side of danger than safety.  I
think I agree with Kahan.