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Another ballot

1.  Yes.  

2.  Yes.  

3.  C

4.  Yes.  

5.  Yes.  It should be zero-based as Moon points out.  

6.  As the implementor of defstruct, let me point out that it makes no
    difference which way this vote goes.  Even if you don't write these
    functions into the Common Lisp spec, I am likely to write a portable
    defstruct that requires you to have them anyway.

7.  Flush FSET, but keep SET.  I type "(SET + ...)" to the read-eval-print
    loop all the time.  FSET I never use, it has a poor name, and it
    isn't even a traditional function.

8.  Abstain.

9.  Don't care.  

10. Yes.

11. Yes.  

12. Yes.  

13. Yes.  

14. Yes.  

15. I would suggest 5 as the largest array rank required to be supported.

16. Abstain.

17. Yes.  I suggested this last December along with some other suggestions
    about Gaussian rationals.  (I suggested that the functins GCD,
    NUMERATOR, and DENOMINATOR have their domains appropriately inlarged,
    for example.)  Does this indicate that my other suggestions were lost
    or forgotten?