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Re: Memberp

Don't take me too seriously.  Remember that my comment was simply on the
general grounds that we should stick as close to Lisp 1.5 as possible.
There is no reason to pay any more attention to my  opinion on this
issue than in the 1587 other places where incompatibilities have been
introduced over my protests.  Frankly, I am inclined to agree with the
LISPM users who responded, "after completely redesigning the language,
why is everybody so upset about MEMBER?"  Reminds me of straining out
gnats while swallowing camels.  Personally I don't want to swallow
either gnats or camels, and you can expect to hear protests from me as a
matter of principle whenever you deviate from Lisp 1.5.  But Common Lisp
seems to be commited to swallowing 2 camels, 3 hippopotami, and assorted
small alligators.  (It is my opinion that at this point the dreaded
stacus spaghetticus dwimus could enter and no one would even notice.) So
I don't see any reason to reopen things over MEMBER.