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Re: OPEN for :OUTPUT with version :NEWEST

The intent of my clarification is simple: without that clarification, some
of the OPEN options are meaningless or incomprehensible.  If someone asks
you "what happens if you OPEN for output with version :NEWEST and :IF-EXISTS
:SUPERSEDE, does it use the existing latets file or create a new one?", it's
unacceptable to just say "Well, it depends on the implementation, we wouldn't
want to constrain any implementation to do any particular thing."
Common Lisp's file model already includes the concept of versions, so
we're not adding anything new.  I'm not trying to overspecify how versions
precisely work.  The only distinction I'm drawing is between the two
meanings that :newest can have (the input meaning and the output
meaning, latest version or create new version), and pointing out that
:IF-EXISTS controls which one of those happens, which was
not at all obvious to me from the manual (Moon had to figure out that
such was the implication of the manual).