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New meaning for "Flag Day"

The Great Mail Blizzard of '83 seems to have subsided, and the outstanding
issues, nasty and otherwise, appear to be suitably dealt with.  We have
to choose a cutoff date, and now seems to be a good time.  I propose to
give yet another meaning to "Flag Day" (recall that, according to legend,
it was on June 14, 1966, that Multics converted from old ASCII to new ASCII).
If you have any outstanding problems or flames, please send those packets
in by 23:59 on June 14, 1983.  After that point I propose to terminate
"elective" changes to the Common LISP manual.  We will prepare a Dovered
limited edition much like the previous ones (Laser, Colander, and Swiss Cheese)
and send it out to all of you for the purpose of proofreading and
implementation, but seek feedback only on typographical errors, outright
errors or lies, and necessary improvements to the presentation.  Technical
discussion will no doubt continue, but should be considered after Flag Day
as contributions toward the second edition or the Yellow Pages.  I want
to proceed as expeditiously as possible to publication.