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Arrgghhh blag

Foo.  I didn't want to become involved in an ANSI standard, and I have
told people so. or one thing, it looks like a power play and might
alienate people such as the InterLISP crowd, and I wouldn't blame them.
In any case, I don't think it is appropriate to consider this until
we at least have a full draft manual.  If MRG wants to fight that fight,
let him at it.
I am working on collating the bibliographic entries.  I have most of them
on-line already, but just have to convert from TJ6 to SC
RIBE format.  I agree that the abstract is not very exciting -- it is
practically stodgy.  I was hoping you would know how to give it some oomph,
some sparkle.  If not, we'll just send it out as is and try to sparkle up
the paper if it is accepted.  Your siggestions about explaining TNBIND
and having a diagram are good.