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Com L

I have retrieved the revisions and decisions, will look them over.
I will try to set up arrangements to be at POPL Mondat-Wednesday,
depends on flights,

What is Common LISP schedule, next meeting, etc? Will we be invited to
attend, or is this one of topics for us to dicuss, etc. at POPL.
What in fact are we to dicuss, and what should I be thinking about.
As I explained, I hope to finish this round of PSL implementation
on DEC-20, VAX and maybe even first version on 68000 by then.
We then will fill in some missing features, and start bringup up REDUCE,
meta-compiler, BIGfloats, and PictureRLISP graphics. At that point I
have accomplished a significant amount of my NSF goals this year.

Next step is to signficantly improve PSL, SYSLISP, merge with Mode Analysis
phase for improved LISP<->SYSLISP comunications and efficiency.

At the same time, we will be looking over various LISP systems to see what sort of good
features can be adapted, and what sort of compatibility packages (eg, UCI-LISP
package, FranzLISP package, etc).

Its certainly in this pahse that I could easily attempt to modify PSL to
provide a ComonLISP kernel, assuming that we have not already adapted much of the