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We've integrated your changes to the packing phase into our
code... we'll see pretty soon whether the new preferencing stuff works.
I've written a fancy new closure analysis phase which you might be
interested in snarfing at some point.  Much smarter than RABBIT about
SETQ'ed closed-over variables.
Using NODE-DISPATCH now.  Win.
I now have an ALIASP slot in the NODE structure, and the ALIAS-IF-SAFE
analysis has been moved into TARGETIZE-CALL-PRIMOP.  I'm debugging
that now.  This means the DEPENDENTS slot goes away.  I'm trying to
get e.g. (RPLACA X (FOO)) where X must be in a register (because
it's an RPLACA) and (FOO) is a call to an unknown function (and thus
clobbers all regs) to work fairly efficiently in all cases.
In fact I've rewritten a lot of TARGETIZE...

Does the <S1LISP.COMPILER> directory still exist?  I can't seem to read
it from FTP.  Has anyone done more work on S1COMP?

The T project, of course, is behind schedule.  As I told you before,
a toy interpreter runs on the Vax, but so far nothing besides
a read-factorial-print loop runs on the 68000.  But soon, I hope,...