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S-1 CommonLisp

I have been kicking around an idea to build a multiprocessor aimed at
running some form of Concurrent Lisp as well my AI language AIMDS.
I came across S-1 project and it is clear I need to find out about
this project in detail.  Can you arrange to have me receive what
reports and documents are available on this project?

More recently, Hedrick mentioned in a note that there is an effort
to develop Lisp for the S-1.  How exciting!  Can you provide me
some background on this and describe the goals and current status?

My project is an attempt to develop coarse-grain parallelism in
a multprocessor environment, each processor being of the order of a
Lisp-machine, with a switching element between processors and memories,
with ability for the user/programmer to write ordinary Lisp code,
enhanced in places with necessary declarations and also new primitives
to make it feasible to take advantage of parallelism.  One of the
goals of the project is to support gradual conversion of existing
code to take advantage of available concurrency.

My mailing address is
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University, Hill Center
New Brunswick, NJ 08903