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Re: Moon's comment on middle-level code as "working" documentation. That is
exactly the route we have been following for PSL at Utah; in the process of
defining and porting our Versions 2 and 3 systems from 20 to VAX to Apollo
domain, a lot of details have been discussed and issues identified.
In order for us to become involved and for others to begin some sort of
implementation, a serious start has to be made on these modules.

We certainly would like to use PSL as starting point for a common lisp
implementation, and this would only happen when LISP sources and firm
agreement on some modules has been reached. We have hopes of PSL running on
DEC-20, VAX, 68000, 360/370 and CRAY sometime later in the year, and would
be delighted to have PSL as a significnat sub-set of Common LISP, if not
more. But right now, there is not much to do.

Martin Griss