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Pathname Questions

(Pardon this if it's been fixed since Excelsior, we don't have anything
more recent here)

Excelsior defines the pathname merging operation as taking a pathname,
a defaults pathname, default type, and default version, while the
merge-pathnames function does not take a default type as an option.
Is this a mistake?  If not, then how does one specify a default type
for merging?

Also, *load-pathname-defaults* is supposedly only a single pathname,
however, it's very convenient to have a list of pathnames to search.
This is very handy in PSL for loading modules, since you can search
your own directory, the directory of new hacks, and the standard
load module directory, in that order.  Does the CL spec preclude using
a list of pathnames in *load-pathname-defaults*?

						stan shebs