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Kyoto Common Lisp

A group within Data General is using our Common Lisp sources for a
project that I'm not allowed to describe, but whose general goals are
probably not hard to guess.  They passed our code (a rather old version,
I'm afraid) along to Nippon Data General, who collaborated with the
Kyoto people to bring up a quick implementation on the Eclipse MV.  My
source at DG tells me that this is a rather thorough implementation, but
rather slow as well -- the point was to get an implementation up, not to
produce a production-quality system.  As the note from Kyoto says, they
use C as the compiler back-end.  That's all I know, and since we have no
Eclipses around here, we have no way of taking a closer look.  I will be
interested in hearing what Weinreb can learn first-hand when he's over

-- Scott