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Can you dig it

Today I have sent off mag tapes with the (by definition) final
manuscripts for the Common Lisp Reference Manual, First Edition,
to the typesetter.  Excepting possibly last-minute corrections
by telephone to the typesetter, it's out of my hands now.  The publishing
schedule nominally called for copies to be available about nine
weeks after deleivery of the tapes, but it may be that the typesetter,
printer, or binder may make up some time in that schedule.

I am very grateful to everyone who sent in comments, questions, and
corrections over the last three years.  I've done a lot of editing
and coordinating, but allof you have done a lot of the thinking.
I want to apologize again for often seeming unresponsive.  While
I have not always had the time to respond individually to every bug
report and typographical error, I assure you that no report has been
lost.  I have them all on paper, and every one was checked twice.
Yes, I fixed the inconsistencies about SPECIAL in the declarations
chapter.  Yes, I fixed the screwy example of SETF of LDB.  Yes,
I fixed the "version version" typo.  Thanks to the dedication of
many of you who have read through this book several times, I think
it is in very good shape, highly polished and reasonably consistent.
(The copy editor for the publisher reported that she found only very
light editing necessary, mostly to correct various grammatical confusions
I had introduced and occasional use of the wrong font.)  I think
this is a book we can all be proud of.