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SETF madness

This is going a bit too far. I can put up with a lot of the cute
features Common Lisp has, but these last suggestions are just going to
be too difficult to implement (at least on a Vax). I'd strongly
recommend *against* these changes to the Excelsior edition.

Instead, we ought to consider what users would really want. If Common
Lisp is supposed to be a general, common language usable by everyone,
we should provide something like:

(setf (eval `(let* ((pretime (get-internal-real-time))
		    (precond <<pre-condition>>))
		(and precond
		     (< pretime (+ (get-internal-real-time) <<time-limit>>)))))

for user-supplied <<pre-condition>>, <<post-condition>>, and <<time-limit>>.
Implementors should be encouraged to design SETF so that it also meets
these conditions (of course).