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SETF madness :-)

    Date:  7 Oct 83 0400 EDT (Friday)
    From: Guy.Steele@CMU-CS-A

    Who needs DELETE-FILE?  Just  (MAKUNBOUND (TRUENAME stream)) ...
    (Clearly we need MAKUNBOUNDF.)

No, we don't need MAKUNBOUNDF.  Just make a small change in the
definition of multiple values so that storing zero values is the same as
making something unbound.  Thus


And another thing, why are multiple values restricted to come in
non-negative integral quantities?  We shouldn't unduly restrict users
who may desire fractional, negative or complex numbers of values.

Why is RANDOM restricted to numbers?  I think it should be defined to
return an arbitrary Lisp object at random.  (For those of you with
3600s, try (%MAKE-POINTER (RANDOM 63.) (RANDOM (^ 2 28.))).  Don't do it
if you have any active buffers, though.)