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Things to do

I think we plan to contribute to this, but I at least will not have time to
get near this stuff for at least a couple of months.

3. Portable flavor system / white-pages message-passing substrate.
I think we will find one or more people at Symbolics interested in finishing
the proposal HIC made long ago and implementing it on our machines.

4. LOOP and LetS
We should have both of these available in Common Lisp, and both of them should
be reimplemented.  I've intended for almost two years now to do this for LOOP,
so you know how much to believe me when I say I will get back to this soon.
As CL implementations become available at MIT in a few months someone will
no doubt be found to fix LetS.

5. Pretty-printing
DLW is interested in rewriting Waters' GPRINT.  I'll let him speak for himself
on what the status of this is.

6. Taxonomic event handling.
I have a proposal for this, which is suffiently abstract that it could be
implemented on something other than flavors (although clearly the right substrate
for it is flavors).  The proposal is not at all finished, but I will send it
out in a couple of months.

8. Macro-writer's aids.
I have most of this stuff, written in something pretty close to straight Common Lisp.
The one thing I don't have is type-analysis, although I expect that would be
easy to build on top of the other tools.  In a couple of months I'll see about 
making this stuff portable and available.

To add to your list:

A portable interpreted-code stepper that uses *EVALHOOK* and *APPLYHOOK*.

A portable or near-portable TRACE package.

A variety of macro memoization schemes, using *MACROEXPAND-HOOK*.
These aren't as trivial as they seem at first blush.

More general destructuring facilities (I have an unfinished proposal).

A portable defstruct implemementation.

Portable floating-point read and print.