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documentation strings

    Date: 2 September 1984 17:03-EDT
    From: Kent M Pitman <KMP @ MIT-MC>

	Date: Fri, 31 Aug 84 16:47 EDT
	From: "David A. Moon" <Moon@SCRC-STONY-BROOK.ARPA>

	Macros may expand into declarations.  May macros expand into
	documentation strings?

    .... The only happy way around it is to require documentation strings to be
    visually apparent. I would support a move to allow a new declaration type
    called DOCUMENTATION such that a macro wanting to provide documentation
    could expand to (DECLARE (DOCUMENTATION "...")), which would not be 
    ambiguous in the way that "..." at toplevel would be. A doc-string at 
    toplevel could be magic shorthand for this declaration.

This is more or less how we implement it anyway, so I'd support this too.

Currently in my implementation macros may expand into documentation
strings, just because that's the way the code happened to work out, but
I think that this is a misfeature and will probably make the code more
complex so that it will cease to recognize strings resulting from
macroexpansion as documentation.